Master Swiss Chocolatier since 1845
Creating a chocolate of excellent quality is an art that requires special abilities, dedication and passion. And Lindt’s master chocolatiers are masters on this job. Over more than 160 years they have been developing their secret and unique recipes with absolute devotion, starting with a careful selection of the most sophisticated raw materials and highest quality ingredients. Lindt is the synonym of the best and most traditional Swiss chocolate, being appreciated all over the world.
  • An irresistibly creamy chocolate that promotes a unique sensation.
  • Perfect combination of the best cocoa grains with the finnest ingredients.
  • Great options in ideal packages to present special people.
  • Filled with aerated chocolate mousse and covered with Lindt precious chocolate.
  • The most traditional Lindt chocolate in its classical versions.
  • Delicious Lindt chocolate without added sugar.
  • The most traditional Lindt chocolate in 300g bars.
  • The perfect combination of Lindt chocolate with the best fillings.