Based in the United Kingdom, Ahmad Tea is a family business that for four generations has demonstrated its passion for tea in producing the best blends. With 6 factories and distribution to more than 80 countries, Ahmad Tea is one of the 5 largest Tea companies in the world, having quality and tradition as its main characteristics. Awarded by the Great Taste Awards in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, Ahmad Tea is recognized worldwide for the unparalleled taste of its teas.

Earl Grey – 20g – 10 sachets


Named after Charles Gray, British Prime Minister during the 1830s, Earl Gray is recognized as one of the most distinguished teas of all time. Oozing with sophistication, our Earl Gray presents delicate notes of bergamot guaranteed to refresh and invigorate the senses.


One of the best rated teas by consumers across the Ahmad Tea product range, our Earl Gray will provide a unique cleaning quality for your palate, which can be enjoyed at any time of the day.


So whether you want a refreshing drink to help you wake up in the morning or just want to enjoy a cup of something warm before bed, our Earl Gray blend is the perfect option.


Awarded by the Great Taste® Awards !!