Aurora is a Brazilian family owned company that stands out for its history of almost 75 years.


Since 1946, Aurora imports and distributes the most renowned premium international market leading fine foods and drinks brands. Aurora’s presents its portfolio in four commercial divisions: Spirits & Liqueurs, Wines (Inovini), Confectionery and Fine Foods, that productively and efficiently share the Sales, Import, Logistics, IT and Human Resources areas.


The Spirits & Liqueurs and Wines divisions enjoy a marketing team and an on premise staff focused on the main on-trade accounts in São Paulo (metropolitan area and countryside), Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Salvador, Brasilia, Recife, Curitiba and Fortaleza.


Both the Confectionery and the Fine Foods divisions, in which Aurora enjoys a leading position in Brazil, benefit from a specialized marketing team and a dedicated team to food-service; restaurants and hotels.


The planning and execution of each brand’s distribution strategy is the result of the joint effort of the marketing areas and the brand owners.


Aurora has its own sales force, covering the Brazilian market, through wholesalers, sub-distributors, Key Accounts and sales to retailers in general. The exclusive merchandising team reaches Brazil’s major cities, actively promoting Aurora’s brands and products in medium and major supermarket chains and delicatessen stores.


Aurora totals a number of 165 employees allocated between its main office in São Paulo and its distribution center located at the Anhanguera Highway. This DC features a storage area of over 9,000m2 and cool chambers to keep all products in their appropriate temperatures. In 2015, in order to improve service to the midwest, north and northeastern regions a branch office was opened in Espirito Santo State.


Aurora’s commitment to an efficient customer service, professional ethics, social responsibility  and consistency over time is part of its core values.